This conference seeks to bring together the academia, governments and the private sector with the aim of creating synergies and sharing best practices on the need to entrench peace education in the national curriculum in addition to promoting social enterprise for sustainable development. This will be an excellent platform to examine past and current approaches to peace with a view of identifying viable options to address the emerging challenges in security matters and embrace the available opportunities.

The conference theme will be "Peace, Security, and Social Enterprise for Sustainable Development"

Conference Subthemes

  • Peace Education and Social Well Being
  • Security and Sustainable Development
  • Peace and Social Enterprise
  • Peace, Governance and Political Processes
  • Peace and Emerging Security Threats
  • Peace and the family
  • Peace, gender and the minority groups

The main objectives of the conference are

  • To present and share scholarly research findings on peace, security and social enterprise
  • To Promote peace Education
  • To Bring together stakeholders to discuss peace and security matters for sustainable development
  • To interrogate peace and social security at a continental level and beyond
  • To interrogate emerging security threats and identify sustainable solutions

Become part of the African peace outreach success stories by participating in MKU Peace Conference today through:-

  • Writing an Academic paper and presenting during the conference
  • Being part of Peace Conference Sponsors
  • Being part of Exhibitors during the conference.

About the Conference

This conference aims to examine the past and current approaches to peace, security and development in Africa in light of confronting the new challenges and the opportunities offered. Key themes focus on peace education, security and sustainable development, as well as peace and social enterprise.

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