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A panel of specialist will be selecting the top best papers for a price grant. Well written papers will also be selected for publication.
NB. (Both field based and desk top research papers are acceptable)
The reviewers of your paper will be looking for the following qualities:
1. Originality
The paper should be original and address a clear gap in research. It should also take into consideration the social, cultural, political, economic or/and religious issues of concern in the society. The level of originality will be determined by anti-plagiarism software. Similarity index of below 20 % is acceptable.
2. Structure
The paper needs to be well-structured with the following sections: title, authors & affiliation, an abstract (200 words) introduction, objectives and design, data analysis, results, discussion, conclusion, acknowledgment (where applicable) and a bibliography section. Where necessary, an appendix can be included.
3. Relevance
The paper should be in sync with current challenges in the society. Some research problems that were relevant 10 years ago have been addressed. A good paper seeks to address challenges that are current or have been in existence for too long without solutions. How relevant is the research topic with reference to the conference theme? And how relevant are the findings of the research to the goals of the conference? Is there significant contribution to the body of knowledge?
4. Sustainability
How practical are the research recommendations. Is there any practical solution that the study has identified and which can be applied for the betterment of the society? Are the recommendations cost effective, culturally acceptable and adaptable? Is there evidence of home grown solutions?

5. Replicability / up-scaling
What are the possibilities of extending the research recommendations more widely? Can the recommendations be implemented successfully replicated in more than one region? (universal solutions).
6. Innovation / Novelty
What new contribution is the paper bringing forth? Does the paper propose a new approach on peace, Security and Social Enterprise? E.g. new mobile app to address security issues, nyumba kumi concept, CCTV etc.
7. Multi- sector involvement
Since most solutions on issues peace, security & social enterprise require concerted efforts from more than one sector – there is need for solutions that involve various stakeholders.
8. Conference Presentation
The reviewers will check the quality of the presentation, presentation skills and how the presenter addresses any questions.
For consideration for publications, reviewers will make the following recommendations:
1. Reject as unsuitable.
2. Accept with major revisions – the paper contains serious weaknesses, but the author is encouraged to revise and re-submit with the possibility for publication.
3. Accept with minor revisions – the paper needs some revisions upon which it can be published.
4. Publish as it is, without revision.

  • The guiding philosophy is that the reviewer approaches the paper with the intention of assisting the author to get published. Their remarks will therefore be on the basis of a friendly critique.
  • The process of peer reviewing the papers for a winning price or for publication or both is anonymous – neither the authors nor the peer reviewers are revealed to each other throughout the review process.
  • Each paper will be scored by at least TWO reviewers independently.

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The International Conference on Peace, Security and Social Enterprise will be hosted by Mount Kenya University-Institute of Security Studies, Justice and Ethics.

This conference seeks to bring together the academia, governments and the private sector with the aim of creating synergies and sharing best practices on the need to entrench peace education in the national curriculum in addition to promoting social enterprise for sustainable development. This will be an excellent flat form to examine past and current approaches to peace with a view of identifying viable options to address the emerging challenges in security matters and embrace the available opportunities.

Theme: Peace, Security, and Social Enterprise for Sustainable Development


  • Peace Education and Social Well Being
  • Security and Sustainable Development
  • Peace and Social Enterprise
  • Peace, Governance and Political Processes
  • Peace and Emerging Security Threats
  • Peace and the Family
  • Peace, Gender and the Minority Groups
  • Climate Change and Security
  • Cyber Crime and Security
  • Religion, Peace and Security
  • Media, Communication and Peace


  • The abstracts of full papers, and/or posters not exceeding 300 words should be submitted online using the link below.
  • Abstracts should clearly highlight the objective, problem, methodology, key findings/results, conclusions, recommendations and six key words.
  • Each abstract should include the name of the author(s), affiliation(s), postal address, e -mail, and Telephone Contacts
  • Each full paper should Not Exceed 10 pages, Single Spacing Font Size 10, Times New Roman, Tables and Figures Inserted where first cited, Ms Word Format.
  • All references cited in the text should be listed alphabetically following the APA format: All references listed should be cited appropriately in the text.


  • All submitted papers will be peer reviewed
  • All presented papers/posters will be published in the book of conference proceedings
  • Published papers will be included into open access online conference archive
  • Selected papers will be proposed with possibility to be published in international journals


  • Abstract Submission Deadline:                     
  • Acceptance notification:                                
  • Full Paper Submission Deadline:                   
  • Early bird payment(20% Discount):             
  • Conference Date:                                         

16th - 19th May 2017


About the Conference

This conference aims to examine the past and current approaches to peace, security and development in Africa in light of confronting the new challenges and the opportunities offered. Key themes focus on peace education, security and sustainable development, as well as peace and social enterprise.

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Lilian:-  +(254) 0780 318 103 
Doris:- +(254) 0721 536 257
MKU Union Towers, 6th Floor, Moi Avenue, Nairobi-Kenya
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