I take this opportunity to welcome you all to this International Conference on Peace, Security and Social Enterprise, 2017. The need to embed peace education in the national curriculum with the aim of inculcating a culture of peace in learners necessitated the organizing and holding of this conference. The conference provides a platform for the stakeholders to share information and experiences that may be a value addition in formulating educational policies on peace, security and social enterprise.
In recognition of the importance of peace and security in creating an environment that is conducive for socio-economic development, Mount Kenya University (MKU) established the Institute of Security Studies, Justice and Ethics (ISSJE). The ISSJE offers academic programmes on peace and conflict resolution, justice and ethics, governance and public administration among others. Also, in recognition of the importance of social enterprise in job creation, MKU established the Graduate Enterprise Academy (GEA). The GEA provides business mentorship and coaching to the youths with the aim of sharpening their entrepreneurial skills necessary for business establishment and management.
The conference keynote speakers have practical experience in diverse thematic areas that will be a value addition to the conference presentations and proceedings.  
Also, I take this opportunity to thank sponsors and our partners for their generous support towards this conference.


Prof. Stanley W. Waudo, Ph.D
Vice-Chancellor, Mount Kenya University

Peace and security are twinned concepts that form the basis for stability and therefore development. The sustenance of development whichever meaning a user may place on it will be valuable when it addresses itself to community wellbeing; a central component of social enterprise.  Therefore it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to this International Conference on Peace, Security and Social Enterprise that will be held on 16th to 19th May, 2017 at Safari Park hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. The conference whose theme is “Peace, Security, and Social Enterprise for Sustainable Development” is informed by the need to promote shared security and therefore peace through collective effort. Through this conference, Mount Kenya University seeks to bring together stakeholders and policy makers to a shared dialogue on peace and security matters with the aim of identifying long term, non-violent strategies for sustainable peace.

It is my believe that by adopting an inclusive approach particularly in this globalised society and the changing nature of  security challenges of the 21st century demands a paradigm shift that calls for concerted efforts in the fight against today’s  range of, violent extremism, cybercrime and unemployment among others.
The conference will be hosted by Mount Kenya University - Institute of Security Studies, Justice and Ethics (ISSJE). As I retaliate my invitation to the conference, I take this opportunity to request all of you to reach our able team in the secretariat for any inquiries you may have while you endeavor to register and participate.   Interested conference delegates are encouraged to write to the organizers to make reservations.
As the chairman of the organizing committee, I take this opportunity to once again extend my invitation to you.


Thank you,
Dr. Vincent Gaitho
Chairman, Steering Committee
International Conference on Peace, Security and Social Enterprise

About the Conference

This conference aims to examine the past and current approaches to peace, security and development in Africa in light of confronting the new challenges and the opportunities offered. Key themes focus on peace education, security and sustainable development, as well as peace and social enterprise.

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